Sunset Old Mans Head St.Ives

St Ives has an abundance of things to do in the summer months whether it be soaking up the sun on one of the town’s golden sandy beaches or taking in the artistic heritage in the many art galleries. One of the best times of day to enjoy is the evening when the heat is waning (just slightly!) and the sun is getting lower.

So we thought we’d do a quick straw poll of our team to understand how they like best to relax on a sunny evening. If you’re looking to venture from your holiday cottage and get out to enjoy the sunshine, then here’s our top picks.

Sunset drinks at Porthmeor

The best sunsets are most definitely at Porthmeor Beach where the sun hits the ocean, so head down there with a blanket and a BBQ to soak it all up. If you’re looking to eat out, Porthmeor Beach is definitely worth a shout, although you’ll need to book ahead if you want to get an outside booth. Otherwise Porthmeor West serves up tasty pizzas a bit further along the beach.

Sit atop the Island

If you want to get an aerial view of St Ives below the sunset, then head to the chapel on the Island, sit back and relax to see the sun sizzle on the water from atop. It’s a little bit of a walk up there, but worth it for the spectacular sunset.

Head out to sea

Book on the last boat trips of the day in the harbour to head out to sea and experience St Ives on the water. As you head even further west from Porthmeor and towards Seal Island, you get even closer to the sunset.

Pimms at Porthminster

You might not see the sunset hit the water from this beach, but you can enjoy the tranquil views as the sun goes down after a blistering day on the beach. Head to the takeaway on Porthminster and order a jug of Pimms to cool you down.

Roof with a view

For a view of the harbour with a cold refreshing drink, then the Pedn Olva makes a good destination. Head up the winding Warren to see views across both the harbour and across Porthminster Beach. Remember to take a sweater once the sun goes down as the evenings can get a bit chilly on the walk back to your holiday cottage.